A Deep Conversation on Strategies for Tinnitus Relief (Outring Tinnitus Podcast)

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I recently had the opportunity to record another another wide ranging conversation with Frieder Kühne for an episode of his excellent Tinnitus Relief Podcast. Frieder is a fellow tinnitus coach who resides in Germany and is the founder of Outring Tinnitus and Mytinnitus.club.

We had a wonderful discussion covering so many helpful strategies, techniques, and tools for tinnitus patients at every level of the habituation process.

In the podcast, we discuss many topics including:

  • The PTSD – Tinnitus – Sound Tolerance connection
  • The importance of having a long term habituation strategy to address tinnitus spikes after habituation
  • The difference between a habituation relapse and temporary tinnitus spike
  • Tinnitus in veterans
  • What tinnitus spikes are like for me now (including how I handled a spike related to a recent acoustic trauma)
  • The most important attributes for long term habituation
  • How to train your nervous system to react to difficult moments with a positive coping response
  • What spikes are like when you are deaf in the ear with tinnitus
  • How to become more confident in your coping ability
  • The all-too-common trap of searching for a cure instead of habituation
  • The hidden value of tinnitus spikes in building resilience
  • Why I believe people have the wrong idea about “Acceptance”
  • The importance of taking a multidisciplinary appraoch to tinnitus
  • My 3-part strategy for tinnitus habituation
  • Using tinnitus-focused meditation for rapid habituation
  • Brainwave entrainment for tinnitus
  • Yoga Nidra and body scan for deep relaxation
  • How to reframe negative tinnitus thoughts
  • The reason it feels so hard to become distracted from tinnitus.
  • So much more!

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