Tinnitus Relief Panel Discussion (VEDA Conference Replay Video)

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I recently had the opportunity to be a guest speaker for the tinnitus panel discussion at the Vestibular Disorders Association’s 4th annual Life Rebalanced Live virtual conference.

The second day of the conference was all about tinnitus and I was honored to be a part of this hour long panel discussion.

In this wide ranging conversation, me and my fellow panelists discussed so many helpful tools, strategies, and techniques to help tinnitus sufferers increase quality of life and find relief from the ringing in their ears!

Topics covered in the panel discussion:

  • My journey with tinnitus
  • What is tinnitus habituation and why is it so important for sufferers
  • The promise of habituation to restore quality of life
  • The benefits and limitations of sound therapy and sound masking
  • How to find the most effective tinnitus masking sounds
  • Can tinnitus be triggered by barometric pressure changes (and what you can do)
  • Tinnitus triggers
  • How to identify your own unique tinnitus triggers
  • How I habituated to my own tinnitus with meditative techniques
  • Acupuncture and dry needling for tinnitus
  • Tinnitus and acceptance
  • How only avoiding tinnitus can make it worse
  • Tinnitus and powerlessness
  • Why it’s so hard to find a doctor who understands tinnitus
  • Tinnitus volume vs tinnitus severity
  • So much more!

My fellow panelists:

Heather Davies: Host of the Meniere’s Muse Podcast (you can watch my recent appearance on her show here)

Patrick Parkinson: Meniere’s coach and founder of MyMenieresCoach.com

Steve Schweir: Author of “On the VertiGO: One Sick Man’s Journey to Make a Difference” and founder of the On the Vertigo nonprofit.

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  1. 16 topics in an hr , good going . I think Barometric changes are a trigger for me .Wet days are very often worse

    1. Post

      I highly recommend trying out Weather X earplugs and the free app at https://www.weatherx.com/ – the earplugs work just like aviation earplugs do for pressure changes while flying, and the app tracks weather at your location and lets you know when to put the plugs in and take them out to better protect yourself!

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