Save Big on Bulk Paperback Orders of Rewiring Tinnitus!

SAVE BIG on bulk orders of paperback copies of Rewiring Tinnitus!

Looking to purchase multiple copies of Rewiring Tinnitus for family and friends? Need copies for everyone in your tinnitus support group? Want to sell copies of Rewiring Tinnitus at your place of business? Now you can!

I am now offering big discounts on wholesale (bulk) orders of my book and FREE SHIPPING on every order!

Pricing and Discounts:

On Amazon, the paperback version of Rewiring Tinnitus costs $16.99 + Shipping per copy.

Bulk Order Discounts : (Only Available in the United States for now.)

5 – 9 Copies: $14.99 per Copy (Save $2 per Copy)

10-24 Copies: $13.99 per Copy (Save $3 per Copy)

25-49 Copies: $12.99 per Copy (Save $4 per Copy)

50-99 copies: $11.99 per Copy (Save $5 per Copy)

100-249 Copies: $10.99 per Copy (Save $6 per Copy)

250-499 Copies: $9.99 per Copy (Save $7 per Copy)

500 or More Copies: $8.99 per Copy (Save $8 per Copy)

All Bulk Orders Include Free Shipping!

Place an Order:

To place a bulk order of Rewiring Tinnitus paperbacks, please fill out the form below.

I will email you a secure PayPal invoice to complete the purchase. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay securely via credit card.)

IMPORTANT: I can only ship bulk orders to customers in the US. I will be able to ship to other parts of the world at some point soon. 

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