The Reality of Tinnitus (Meniere’s Muse Podcast)

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I recently had the opportunity to have a wonderful discussion about tinnitus and Meniere’s disease (which is the underlying cause of my tinnitus) with Heather Davies, host of the “Meniere’s Muse” Podcast!

In this wide ranging conversation, we discussed all kinds of important and helpful topics related to tinnitus, including specific coping strategies, tinnitus habituation, meditation, and so much more!

We had a great discussion! I know you all will find it helpful.

Topics covered in the podcast:

  • My personal journey and struggles with tinnitus and Meniere’s disease
  • How Meniere’s Disease made my quiet tinnitus much louder
  • Why routines were so important for me in improving quality of life
  • The reason so much of the information online is terrifying
  • What my tinnitus and Meniere’s disease symptoms have been like for me more recently
  • The similarities between tinnitus and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Habituation as a strategy for complete and lasting relief from tinnitus
  • My three part strategy for tinnitus habituation
  • The value of preventative coping for Tinnitus
  • Effective strategies for dealing with the fear of making plans with tinnitus
  • My work as a tinnitus focused health coach
  • So much more

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Facing the Fear of Making Plans with Tinnitus
Mind Over Meniere’s: How I Conquered Meniere’s Disease and Learned to Thrive – book link
Rewiring Tinnitus: How I Finally Found Relief from the Ringing in my Ears – book link

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