The Rewiring Tinnitus Episode of the How I Got Tinnitus Podcast!

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I recently had the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation about tinnitus with JD, host of the “How I got Tinnitus” podcast.

In this wide ranging conversation, we discussed all kinds of important and helpful topics related to tinnitus habituation, coping strategies, JD’s experience with my meditation techniques, my personal struggles with tinnitus, and my work as a tinnitus coach.

We had a great discussion! I know you all will find it helpful.

Topics covered in the podcast:

  • Why I wrote Rewiring Tinnitus and how I started working with tinnitus patients
  • How my tinnitus became severe when I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, and how I was able to habituate and find relief
  • The reason there is so much negative information online about tinnitus
  • Why it’s so difficult for tinnitus patients to find help
  • Why so many tinnitus patients feel so hopeless and powerless
  • Why I believe that everyone who suffers from tinnitus can dramatically improve their quality of life through habituation
  • Sound sensitivity, hyperacusis, and sound tolerance conditions that overlap with tinnitus
  • The difference between people who suffer with tinnitus and those who are not bothered at all
  • Why I believe meditation is a powerful tool to help tinnitus sufferers habituate
  • How to practice my tinnitus focused meditation techniques
  • How to make tinnitus focused meditation MUCH easier, especially if you’ve never meditated before
  • JD’s incredible experience with tinnitus focused meditation after reading my book
  • How sudden injuries or other health problems can pull attention away from tinnitus.
  • So much more!

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