Tinnitus Q&A: What Does Habituation Actually Feel Like?

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Welcome to another new episode of my Ask Me Anything about tinnitus video series where I answer your most pressing questions about tinnitus (and related conditions like hyperacusis)!

For those new to the blog, my name is Glenn Schweitzer, and I’m author of the book Rewiring Tinnitus. I also write a monthly tinnitus column at Healthyhearing.com, and for the last 8 years, I’ve worked with more than 1000 tinnitus patients 1-on-1 from all over the world as a tinnitus coach, helping people to habituate as quickly as possible to find lasting relief from the ringing in their ears.

In today’s video, I’m going to answer the question that I get asked more than any other question: What does it actually feel like to successfully habituate to your tinnitus?

In this video I discuss:

  • Why it’s so hard for many tinnitus sufferers to understand habituation
  • What my tinnitus sounds like now
  • What it’s like to experience fluctuations and spikes after habituating successfully
  • Why habituation doesn’t actually feel like you’re doing anything special at all
  • The similarities and differences between habituation and being distracted from the sound of your tinnitus
  • What it feels like to reach full habituation
  • What happens when I notice my tinnitus now
  • Reductions in volume, intensity, or intrusiveness of tinnitus after successful habituation
  • How habituation can offer complete and lasting relief, even though it’s not a cure for tinnitus

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