Tinnitus Challenges, Obstacles & Hope (Outring Tinnitus Podcast Interview)

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I recently had the opportunity to record a podcast conversation with Frieder Kühne, a fellow tinnitus coach who resides in Germany, founder of Outring Tinnitus, and host of the Outring Tinnitus podcast.

We had a great discussion about the many challenges and obstacles tinnitus suffers face on their journey to find relief, diving deep into our own personal struggles with tinnitus, our work helping other tinnitus sufferers to habituate and improve quality of life, as well as why we both believe there so much hope for tinnitus sufferers around the world.

The audio quality – especially my audio – is not as good as we hoped it would be as it was pulled from recorded zoom call. But it’s definitely listenable and I hope you stick with it as Frieder and I discussed so many important and helpful topics that I don’t talk about very often.

I know you will get a lot out of our discussion!

In this incredibly wide ranging conversation we discuss many topics including:

  • How and why I started Rewiring Tinnitus
  • My experience with Meniere’s disease as the cause of my tinnitus
  • The personality types that tend to lead to more bothersome cases of tinnitus
  • Why only 40% of people who experience tinnitus are bothered by the noise
  • How powerlessness is the core emotional obstacle of tinnitus and the root cause of the vicious cycle, even though you are never actually powerless to improve your situation
  • Why seeking help for tinnitus can be so difficult
  • Why so much online information about tinnitus is terrifying
  • Why habituation is always possible as a strategy for long term relief
  • What tinnitus is like after successfully habituation and what our tinnitus is like today
  • Why tinnitus can feel so exhausting
  • The best ways to cope with tinnitus spikes
  • What the process of habituation feels like
  • Why so many doctors say there is nothing you can do when it’s not true and very detrimental
  • The problems facing the global tinnitus industry
  • The importance of taking a multidisciplinary approach to treating tinnitus
  • Why there can be so much negativity in online forums and support groups
  • Why no matter how severe a case of tinnitus may become, there is always hope for relief
  • So much more!

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