Two Experts Discuss Tinnitus, Coping Techniques, and Long Term Habituation Strategies (Treble Health Podcast)

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I recently had the opportunity to have another great discussion with audiologist and tinnitus expert Dr. Ben Thompson, Au.D – founder of and host of the Treble Health Podcast and Youtube channel.

In this wide ranging conversation, we touched on many important topics related to tinnitus coping, habituation, and my work as a tinnitus coach.

We had a great discussion, one that I know you all will find helpful!

Topics covered in the podcast:

  • The most common questions and concerns I hear from tinnitus sufferers
  • The importance of having a specific habituation plan of action
  • The importance understanding tinnitus and habituation in a way that allows you to feel empowered and hopeful
  • Why I believe that everyone who suffers from tinnitus can dramatically improve their quality of life through habituation
  • The most important actionable steps and strategies for tinnitus patients to find relief and start to habituate
  • Retraining the brain and nervous system to not be bothered by tinnitus
  • The PTSD like emotional and psychological response that develops around bothersome tinnitus
  • Negative emotional conditioning to tinnitus as a subconscious phenomenon – no one chooses suffering
  • Habituation as a process that unfolds over time, even when the vicious cycle of fight/flight starts very quickly
  • The similarities between tinnitus other health problems like chronic pain
  • How an ordinary fight or flight response can turn into a much bigger problem
  • Why some personality types are more likely to develop a negative response to tinnitus
  • The problem of tinnitus habituation relapse
  • The importance of a long term strategy to remain habituated through unexpected spikes or difficult moments
  • The ultimate goal of habituation: fully restoring quality of life to pre-tinnitus levels
  • The three most important targets and strategies for maintaining habituation over a lifetime
  • So much more!

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