How Can You find Relief From Hyperacusis and Sound Sensitivity?

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Welcome to another episode of my Ask Me Anything about tinnitus video series where I answer your most pressing questions about tinnitus (and related conditions like hyperacusis)!

For those new to the blog, my name is Glenn Schweitzer, and I’m author of the book Rewiring Tinnitus. I also write a monthly tinnitus column at, and for the last 8 years, I’ve worked with nearly 1000 tinnitus patients 1-on-1 from all over the world as a tinnitus coach, helping people to habituate as quickly as possible to find lasting relief from the ringing in their ears.

In today’s video, I will be answering a question that I get all the time from tinnitus sufferers all over the world: How can you find relief from sound sensitivity and hyperacusis?

In this video I discuss:

  • How sound sensitivity and hyperacusis can make it so difficult to function normally in the world
  • How blocking sound and wearing earplugs can increase sensitivity
  • The underlying nervous system involvement and reaction in sound sensitivity
  • The deep similarities between tinnitus, hyperacusis/sound sensitivity, and several other related hearing conditions
  • Finding relief from tinnitus and hyperacusis/sound sensitivity at the same time
  • Multiple meditation strategies for desensitizing sound sensitivity
  • How to use sound therapy for hyperacusis desensitization

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