A Chance to Win Free 1-on-1 Tinnitus Coaching!

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Hey everyone!

I’m excited to announce a new giveaway, and chance for you to win free one-on-one tinnitus coaching sessions with me.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, in addition to teaching people to find relief from tinnitus on my blog, and in my book, I also work with people on an individual basis.

My tinnitus coaching program is a highly personalized, hands on approach designed to help you habituate to the sound of your tinnitus, and find relief, as quickly as humanly possible.

And today, you have a chance to win a free tinnitus coaching package!

What is Tinnitus Coaching?

We sit down face to face over Skype, and after I learn as much as I can about you, your tinnitus, your lifestyle, and environment, I’m able to create a personalized tinnitus habituation strategy for you to follow, step by step.

But that’s just the beginning. I can also create custom tinnitus sound masking audio, as well brainwave training audio, personalized to the sound of your tinnitus and the nature of your hearing loss, if you have hearing loss.

Additionally, I can help you track and identify your triggers, the specific factors that exacerbate your tinnitus, and help you reduce the number of spikes you experience.

And lastly, I can help with lifestyle design, helping you to optimize your health, improve your sleep, and reduce your stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Client Testimonials:

“The volume of my tinnitus is much less now and I found myself marveling this afternoon at work that I could still hear it, but it was not bothering me. WOW!” – Elizabeth R.

“I cannot believe the difference in such a short amount of time. A month ago everything was such a struggle, now I am feeling really excited about things again. It’s so much better, I can hardly believe it. I still think about the tinnitus, but not so obsessively. And I have had moments where I didn’t think about it all. I thought I would have to give up my job. I’m coping fine now and feeling so grateful!” – Daniela V.

Click here to learn more about my coaching program!

The Prizes!

1 Grand prize winner will receive a full 2-hour tinnitus coaching package and a pair of Eargasm High fidelity earplugs (from my last giveaway)

2 Runner ups will receive a 1-hour coaching package.

5 Second runner ups are going to win an ebook copy of my book as well as a coupon for 50% tinnitus coaching services.

(All coaching packages include a copt of the Rewiring Tinnitus Relief Project brainwave training audio program which is designed to greatly speed up and enhance the habituation exercises, as well as an ebook copy of Rewiring Tinnitus.)

The Giveaway:

All you have to do to enter the contest is sign up with your email address below!

But here’s the best part, if you want a better shot at winning, simply share the contest on social media after you enter. You’ll receive 3 additional entries for every person who enters the contest with your link.

The winners will be selected at random on April 19th at 12:59 PM EDT and notified by email.

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Rewiring Tinnitus is giving away free one-on-one Tinnitus Coaching Packages!

The Prizes:

  • 1 x Grand prize: 2-hour tinnitus coaching package + Eargasm High fidelity earplugs ($200+ Value)
  • 2 x First runner ups: 1-hour coaching package ($100 Value)
  • 5 x Second runner ups: a copy of my book and 50% coaching discount coupon
All coaching packages include a copy of the Rewiring Tinnitus Relief Project brainwave training audio program as well as an ebook copy of Rewiring Tinnitus!

The winners will be chosen at random on 4/19/17 at 11:59 PM and announced the following day.

Want a better chance to win? Share the giveaway on social media! You will receive 3 additional entries for every person who enters the contest with your link.
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