Understanding Tinnitus: Interview with eCareDiary Radio

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(Press play in the player above to listen to the interview)

I was recently interviewed by eCareDiary for their Empowering Family Caregivers radio show and podcast. I hope you enjoy this short interview!

Topics Covered:

  • Tinnitus explanation, prevalence, and challenges
  • How I found relief from the ringing my ears
  • Tips for caregivers who are supporting a loved one suffering from tinnitus

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  1. Great advice, habituation is the key + relieves the panic & suffering! Their must be further studies to aid in the medical awareness of this medical problem!
    Thanks Glen

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  2. I’ve read Glenn’s book. He provides a great understanding of tinnitus and how it can affect you. His strategies for dealing with tinnitus are absolutely wonderful and really do work. I’m a rather new tinnitus sufferer and habituation is a fantastic remedy to the annoyance of tinnitus. I would highly recommend Glenn’s book and ensuing advice. Great broadcast on the topic of tinnitus.

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      I’m glad you got a lot out of my book Kevin! Any chance you could copy and paste some of that and leave it as a review on Amazon? Even short reviews like that really help me to reach more and more people. Glad you liked the interview as well!

  3. hi glenn, i’ve responded before to your blog posts. here again to say the interview was great and very informative, especially for people who struggle without any tools for coping and improving their daily lives living with tinnitus. i was really happy to hear you talk about the volume of the tinnitus masking not drowning out the tinnitus completely. i see a TRT specialist, who programmed a white noise into hearing aids for me. since starting to wear these devices, i have been able to lower the white noise masking gradually while still being able to hear the tinnitus louder than the masking. very important to still be able to hear the tinnitus. at night as well, when the tinnitus is louder because of the silence of nighttime, important to use something…anything to help the brain retrain itself. i use small flat, disc shaped speakers under the pillowcase and use various apps with quiet, but present, sounds such as a fan or, like you said in the interview, anything appealing if you don’t like white noise. to anyone reading this blog and suffering without coping tools, buy Glenn’s book and start at any point and find a good audiologist, someone who specializes in tinnitus, not someone who specializes in selling hearing aids! i know until there’s a real cure, I will live with this. But i’m doing everything i can on a daily basis to rewire my brain. Great interview and thanks for your continued blogging.

  4. Hi There, is there a captioned version of this? I am totally deaf, for the same reason I have tinnitus – AIED. Thanks

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      Hi Natalie, I actually don’t know. I just shared the audio player file that eCareDiary shared on their website. Sorry about that!

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