Tinnitus: Change Your Response (My Interview on the Hear Me Out Podcast)

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Last week, I was honored to be the first official guest on a new podcast called Hear Me Out. In this wide ranging interview, we discussed many important topics:

  • The importance of hope for tinnitus sufferers
  • How tinnitus clinicians can better serve their patients and how the wrong doctor can make tinnitus worse
  • What it means to habituate and why it’s currently our best option for lasting relief
  • How tinnitus habituation is possible
  • The 4 levels of tinnitus habituation
  • So much more

You can watch the interview video above, or you can listen (and subscribe) to the audio version of the podcast with one of the links below:

Hope you all like this one. I wasn’t feeling 100% when we recorded and I stumbled over my words from time to time, but I felt like we had an incredibly powerful and important conversation about tinnitus!

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