Powerful Tinnitus Coping Strategies (Tinnitus Summit Replay Video)

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I recently had the amazing opportunity to speak at the 2023 Tinnitus Relief Summit, hosted by Treble Health. It was a virtual two day event, where tinnitus experts from all over the world gave live presentations and hosted Q and A sessions.

There were many excellent speakers presenting on a wide variety of different topics, from habituation to new treatment devices, tinnitus research, and more.

I was honored to be a part of the event and gave a presentation on what I believe to be a very important and complimentary part of every tinnitus sufferers toolkit: effective coping tools, techniques, and strategies.

I hope you all find my presentation helpful!

I tried to make it as actionable as I possibly could, offering clear strategies that everyone can put into practice right away.

Watch the other Tinnitus Summit Replay Videos:

The entire event was recorded and you can watch all of the live replay videos with the links below:

Day One Presentations:

Habituation & Finding A Volume Knob – Featuring presentations by Dr. Ed Farrar (co-founder of the OTO app), Julian Cowan Hill (Tinnitus Therapist, Author, Quieten App), and Dr. Michelle Neidleman Kennedy (Audiologist at Treble Health).

Bimodal Stimulation & Cure Research – Glenn Schweitzer (me!), Dr. Hubert Lim (Neuromod Leniere biomodal stimulation), and Dr. Ben Thompson (Audiologist and founder of Treble Health).

Day Two Presentations:

Tinnitus Pathophysiology and Cure Research – Dr. Dirk De Ridder (Tinnitus Researcher and Neurosurgeon), Hazel Goedhart (Tinnitus Hub), and Dr. Tracy Peck Holcomb (Audiologist at Treble Health).

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy & ENT Doctors – Dr. Pawel Jastreboff (Founder of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) and Dr. Ben Thompson (Audiologist and founder of Treble Health).

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