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Living with Tinnitus isn’t easy.

And it’s not just the sound. The lack of understanding, confusion, and misinformation is enough to make you miserable all on its own. Even just trying to figure out what causes your tinnitus to spike can be completely overwhelming.

Tinnitus is a complicated health problem with no cure, not nearly enough awareness, and even fewer effective treatment options. But at the same time, there’s also hope. Lasting relief is entirely possible.

You can habituate to the sound, get to a place where it stops bothering you, and dramatically improve your quality of life. You can also get better at coping with your tinnitus in the moment, building better defenses and new tools to fight back against the fear, anxiety, depression and frustration that so many of us experience.

Lack of Momentum – A Problem Worth Solving:

One of the first problems that many problems that many people run into is that many of the lifestyle changes and healthy habits that allow us to habituate, find relief, or cope with a bothersome tinnitus moment, are difficult to put into practice, especially early on.

Many people experience an internal resistance when attempting to make these kinds of changes. A lack of momentum makes motivation difficult. Plus many tinnitus treatments and habituation strategies do not yield immediate results. Getting new healthy habits that are beneficial to tinnitus to stick, habits like tinnitus meditation, mindfulness, sound masking, relaxation routines, and exercise, takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and will power.

Then again, new habits are hard to adopt even when you don’t have tinnitus. I know we all have things we wish we did more frequently for our health and overall well-being.

So today, I want to offer you a free tool I created to help you adopt the lifestyle changes and habits necessary to find lasting relief from tinnitus.

Don’t Break the Chain:

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s much easier to be consistent with my healthy habits when I practice them every day. They just become part of my daily routine. The hardest part is building the initial momentum, especially when your tinnitus robs you of quality of life.

But you can hack the process and trick yourself into adopting a new habit with a simple technique. It’s called “Don’t Break the Chain” and it will boost your motivation and consistency in a big way.

All you have to do is write down the changes you want to make and the healthy habits you want to adopt, and cross out each day that you complete them on a calendar.

This simple process offers you a clear visual of your progress which ultimately will keep you motivated and moving forward. The goal is to get as many days in a row as possible. As you see the days add up, you will feel an internal pressure to not break the chain by missing a day.

The technique was popularized by Jerry Seinfeld, who described the practice as the method he uses to make sure he writes jokes every day.

It’s incredibly simple, but it can have a huge impact on your ability to commit to daily practice.

So to help you achieve your heath goals, I created a “Don’t Break the Chain” PDF Tool, designed with tinnitus patients in mind, that you can print out and use each day to start building the habits that will improve your health.

I challenge you to try it today!

Click here to download your FREE copy of the Rewiring Tinnitus “Don’t Break the Chain” PDF Tool! 

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  1. Some unhealthy habits that cause tinnitus which include drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating certain foods and consuming caffeinated beverages. While Meniere’s isn’t fully understood, it appears that several relief options for tinnitus can also help with this disease. By obtaining healthy habits any one can minimize their tinnitus or ringing in a ear.

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