Tinnitus Challenges & Solutions (Siopi.ai Interview)

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In this wide ranging and very hope-filled conversation about my work with tinnitus patients, I sit down with Louis Korczowski who is the CEO of Siopi, a new app designed to help tinnitus sufferers find new treatments.

Louis and I discussed many topics including:

  • My personal struggles and journey with tinnitus and Meniere’s
  • How and why I became a tinnitus coach
  • The importance of medical treatment for any treatable underlying causes of tinnitus
  • Why doctors say there is nothing you can do about tinnitus
  • How support groups and googling tinnitus can sometimes make your suffering worse
  • Powerless as the core emotional challenge of tinnitus
  • What it means to habituate and why it can be so difficult to achieve
  • The obstacles preventing successful habituation
  • Why trying to ignore tinnitus often makes it worse
  • Active vs natural habituation
  • What percentage of people achieve natural habituation
  • Why I believe every tinnitus sufferer can actively work to habituate and find relief
  • Why doctors rarely ever talk about habituation
  • The challenge of “relapsing” out of habituation
  • The treatable physical causes of some types of tinnitus
  • Patients falling through the cracks in the system
  • My advice for new tinnitus sufferers
  • A detailed breakdown of my habituation strategy
  • How bothersome tinnitus closely resembles PTSD (and how tinnitus spikes resemble PTSD episodes)
  • The challenge of coping with tinnitus spikes
  • What progress with habituation looks like
  • So much more!

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