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The Rewiring Tinnitus Trigger ToolA free fillable, 1-page, PDF tool that I created to help you track your lifestyle and discover what triggers your tinnitus and causes your tinnitus to spike. It’s completely free, so grab your copy today!

The Tinnitus Relief ProjectA comprehensive set of brainwave entrainment audio tracks designed to enhance all of the techniques and exercises found in the book, and engineered to help you habituate to the sound of your tinnitus. Includes sound masking tracks, guided meditations, relaxation audio, focus enhancing tracks, and sleep induction music.

Links and Resources by Chapter:

Chapter 1 – My Story:

Chapter 2 – What Exactly is Tinnitus?

  • Healthgrades – Doctor search and ratings website
  • Tinnitus Aurium in Normally Hearing Persons – 1953 study by scientists Heller and Bergman, published in the journal Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology. Heller and Bergman showed that just about everyone is capable of hearing the sounds of tinnitus under the right conditions.
  • Brain Changes Caused by Hearing Loss Can Be Slowed – Journalist Jill Margo interviews David Ryugo, Professor of Neuroscience at Sydney’s Garvan Institute and Professor Emeritus in Hearing and Balance at Johns Hopkins University, for the Australian Financial Review.

Chapter 6 – Taking it Further:

  • Light Based Visual Brainwave Entrainment: In addition to audio based brainwave entrainment, you can also use lightto induce temporary changes in consciousness. It’s known as visual brainwave entrainment. The underlying principal works exactly like the audio, but rather than pulses of sound at a specific frequency, it uses pulses of light and color. It can be achieved in a number of different ways. If you have lost your hearing entirely, but still want to utilize brainwave entrainment technology to help you habituate to the sound of your tinnitus, you have a few options, though I recommend either one-on-one coaching sessions with me for individualized help, or doing additional research.
  • Quantitative EEG Study on Zen Meditation (Zazen) – 1994 study published in the journal Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences examining the brainwave changes observed in meditating Zen minks.
  • Tinntrain: A multifactorial treatment for tinnitus using binaural beats – 2010 study published in The Hearing Journal, which used Binaural Beats rather than white noise, in conjunction with Tinnitus Retraining Therapy protocols, to treat tinnitus patients and help them habituate.

Chapter 8 – Finding Your Tinnitus Triggers:

Chapter 9 – Protecting Your Ears:

Chapter 10 – Stress Management:

Chapter 11 – Getting Better Sleep:


  • The American Tinnitus AssociationThe ATA is a US based nonprofit whose mission is to improve the lives of people with tinnitus and hyperacusis by providing hope of a quieter future through education, advocacy, and research toward a cure.
  • The Vestibular Disorders AssociationThe Vestibular Disorders Association is an incredible nonprofit organization that goes above and beyond for the tinnitus community on a regular basis. For more than three decades, VEDA has been a highly respected source of scientifically credible information on tinnitus and vestibular disorders. Through their publications and online community, VEDA has reached millions of vestibular patients with critical information and support.
  • Hearing Health FoundationHearing Health Foundation is a wonderful U.S. based nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent and cure hearing loss and tinnitus through groundbreaking research and to promote hearing health through their free quarterly magazine. As the largest non-profit funder of hearing and balance research in the U.S., they have awarded millions of dollars to promising research initiatives, in areas such as hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis.
  • The British Tinnitus Association: The British Tinnitus Association is a UK based nonprofit organization that strives to be the primary source of support and information for people with tinnitus and their carers in the UK. Their vision is “a world where no one suffers from tinnitus.” They believe it to be achievable now, to an extent that there are management tools and methods available to enable some not to ‘suffer’. But also want to find a better ways to manage tinnitus, as well as a cure. Their mission is twofold:
    • Research – they want a cure, and will drive and demand progress.
    • Help – They want everyone to know what tinnitus is, how to prevent it and how to manage it.
  • Canadian Tinnitus FoundationThe Canadian Tinnitus Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to expanding awareness of tinnitus in Canada and generating funding for research to find a cure. Their mission is to provide a loud voice to those who suffer silently at the hands of this debilitating condition.
  • The Tinnitus Research InitiativeThe Tinnitus Research Initiative is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients who suffer from tinnitus and tinnitus-related disorders. They believe that by bringing together researchers from a wide range of different disciplines, we will better understand tinnitus, leading to more effective treatments.
  • Tinnitus HubTinnitus Hub is a social enterprise dedicated to informing and educating the tinnitus community while expanding the knowledge base, and offering safe self-treatment solutions. They provide unique services and tools to promote tinnitus knowledge and awareness, offer support for tinnitus sufferers, and raise funds for existing charities in the search for a cure. They also run the Tinnitus Talk support forum.
  • Healthy HearingHealthy Hearing is an organization with a mission to educate about hearing loss and its implications. They connect people who need hearing help with qualified hearing care professionals with their online directory of consumer-reviewed clinics across the U.S. Healthy Hearing is the leading online information resource for hearing healthcare consumers and strive to provide unbiased, easy-to-understand content that is useful to our millions of visitors.

Support Groups:

Support Group Forums:

  • Tinnitus TalkTinnitus talk is the largest online tinnitus support forum by far. With over 15,000 members, questions are typically answered quickly and by a large number of people. There are dozens of discussion boards covering everything from new research and clinical trials to treatments, alternative therapies, and general support. It’s a wonderful place to learn more about tinnitus and talk to fellow patients
  • Tinnitus Sub-RedditReddit is essentially a website where anyone can set up a discussion board, called a sub-Reddit for any topic they like. The tinnitus sub-Reddit is a highly active support group forum with several thousand members.

Facebook Support Groups:

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